Welcome to my world, a particular place where fact and fiction tend to collide and combine, embrace and entwine themselves until they re-invent as stories. I can only hope you enjoy some of them.

A set of ten, connected stories which, when taken together, form something of a novel.

A tale of love and anguish, with a tinge of the absurd

A lyrical history of the lives, loves and the dreams of several of the inhabitants of  Treddoch Harbour.

An anthology of fifteen short stories, ranging from just over one hundred to almost six thousand words.

A second anthology with a mix of subjects from the slightly humorous to the downright sober.

Volume III opens with A Tar Dark Night, a story written in homage to Dylan Thomas.

The published writings so far, consists of two novels, a quasi-novel and three collections of shorts. I would say short stories, but not all of them are, of course. There’s a travelogue smuggled in amongst them for starters, not to mention a monologue or three on the way as well as a few other odd bits and pieces of thinking that have attached themselves to me as I’ve stumbled along.

There are three other works, in various stages of completion, waiting in the wings.

Style-wise, my writing can, I suppose, be best summed-up as being in the literary genre, if only by default. It’s most definitely not crime, fantasy, horror, chiclit nor any of the other more popular types. It’s also not epic; far from it in fact. It tends to be brief and to the point.

Having exhausted all other possibilities it would seem then that only ‘literary’ is left open to me. It certainly seems to fit  under one definition of the term, suggested by Wikipedia, as being writing that’s ‘concerned with social commentary, political criticism, or reflection on the human condition’.

Literary fiction is also considered as typically being character-driven rather than plot-driven. If that’s the case then my writing is definitely in the literary genre as I’m not that great on plot, especially one that’s in any way convoluted.

As far as themes are concerned, I do like to explore that space where fact and fantasy collide, combine, embrace and finally entwine themselves until they re-invent as stories in their own way. Apart from several short stories being like that both my new novel, ‘Bewitched, Bothered, Bewildered’ and the novella, ‘Legend’, fall very much into that bracket. The latter in particular, as it’s set amongst the dead of a Cornish, coastal cemetery.

‘Legend’, like ‘Midsummer Dreams’, also features a very assertive cat!