Collected Writings: Volume III

Collected Writings: Volume III

Volume III opens with A Tar Dark Night, a story written in homage to Dylan Thomas following my visit to the little Township of Laugharne in South Wales, and finishes with Our Rose my first foray into monologues. Both are written in a humorous vein.

A Tar Dark Night is told over the period of a couple of hours during the night of an anniversary of Dylan’s birth, though which one isn’t specified. The story begins and ends in the graveyard,  the one by St Martin’s Church, that is, not the one overlooking the Taf. That’s reserved for Chapel.


Our Rose is narrated by one of the three main protaganists, Me, the Me being June, wife to long-suffering Reg and elder sister to the bookish Rose.  I so enjoyed writing this story, that I’ve gone on to write another six! There’s now a complete bookfull, Rose, My Reg, & Me, which will be published late 2021.

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In between those two, as previously, there’s a melange of shorts, some happy, some sad, some humorous, others more serious.

Unlike the other two volumes, however, this one sees a definite movement into the realm of monologues, that also includes, That’s Technology a satirical piece on one man’s reluctance to embrace technology more than needs be. As a story, Coffee Break is just that, the capture of a hitman on the run.

To Elysian Fields is  a more sobering piece. It’s another story about one man’s homeless experience and is the final part in the trilogy begun in Vol II. The trilogy stands as a sad and sobering reflection on the state of homelessness in Britain today.

Two Total Strangers and Unforgiven are stories on human relationships. As author I pass no judgement. That’s the reader’s prerogative.

Where Dreams Go to Die is a short piece reflecting on the danger of allowing a dream to become an all-consuming passion. The outcomes may not always live-up to the expectations.

The Devil is in the Detail is the tale of a blighted spirit.

The Traveller is a rewrite, in prose, of Walter de la Mare’s famous poem, ‘The Listeners’. In this version The Traveller has traded his horse for a motorbike.

There was a writing competition in the latter part of 2019 with the specific subject of ‘A Suitcase’. The other stipulation was that the story shouldn’t exceed 1,000 words. I made three attempts to write within the parameters laid out, but each time exceeded the word count. I never did enter the competition, but I was left with A Set of Luggage. Two of the stories are published here.

Of the three The Swan, The Suitcase and The Man was the result of a combination of inspirations. Firstly, I saw a collection of photographs, revolving around a suitcase. One showed a swan, looking at a suitcase, perched on the edge of a river. The second photograph showed the suitcase floating down the river. It reminded me of the first line of the Leonard Cohen song, ‘Now the swan, it floated on the English River’[1]

‘A Fracas at The Pig and Whistle’ is a light-hearted summer story of strawberries and cricket. It was inspired, in part, by a true event. I leave the reader to guess which part.

[1] [1] © 1979 Leonard Cohen. From the song, ‘The Traitor’.

Series: Collected Writings, Book 3
Publisher: Michael Terence Publishing
Publication Year: 2020
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ISBN: 9781800940451
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