Collected Writings: Volume III

Collected Writings: Volume III

A third volume of shorts is underway and, as previously, expect it to be a mixed bag. The volume is roughly a third of the way to being completed.

About the Book

Already there’s the final story in the saga of Tony, the homeless man, To Elysian Fields. Needless to say, the clue is in the title. The story’s a sad and sobering reflection on the state of homelessness in Britain today.

In contrast, two stories written around the subject of a suitcase, An Ignominious End and The Swan, The Suitcase and The Man are more whimsical. I was stirred to write the latter from a combination of inspirations. Firstly, I saw a collection of photographs, revolving around a suitcase. One showed a swan, looking at a suitcase, perched on the edge of a river. The second photograph showed the suitcase floating down the river. It reminded me of the first line of the Leonard Cohen song, ‘Now the swan, it floated on the English River’ 

Series: Collected Writings, Book 3
Format: Ebook & Paperback