Our Rose, My Reg & Me

Our Rose, My Reg & Me

Our Rose, My Reg and Me is a set of ten, connected stories which, when taken together, form something of a novel. They’re narrated by June, the ‘Me’ of the title. Rose is June’s more educated sister and Reg, June’s long-suffering husband. All three, now well into their retirement years, comprise the main protagonists of the work.


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About the Book

Through the stories, June provides a series of vignettes across the course of a twelve-month period which offer insights into her life, relationships, and thinking as well as reflections on times past when all three of them were that much younger, though times were not necessarily that much better.

Amongst the various acquaintances of note is Mrs Prothero, an octogenarian of particularly grumpy temperament whose only purpose in life, it seems, is to annoy everyone around her, especially June! There’s also the ‘Posh Lady’ who lives in a detached house at the far end of the road. June has no idea what her name is although she would dearly love to. June has aspirations. So far, she’s gotten no further than saying, “Good morning,” or “Good Afternoon” even after ten or so years.

The stories cover a range of topics such as family dynamics, daily routines, seasonal changes, and personal experiences. June’s distinct voice and perspective shine through, creating a relatable and engaging narrative that captures the nuances of everyday life amongst the members of this particular group.

Publisher: Michael Terence Publishing
Publication Year: 2023
Format: Paperback and eBook
Length: 222
ISBN: 9781800946262
List Price: £8.99
eBook Price: £1.99
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