Welcome to my world, a particular place where fact and fiction tend to collide and combine, embrace, and entwine themselves until they re-invent as stories.

Her are a few stories for you to listen to. I hope you enjoy.


Collected Writings: Volume I

A Godot Moment

This story was inspired by Samuel Beckett’s ‘Waiting for Godot’, once described by the Irish critic Vivien Mercier as a play in which 'nothing happens, twice'.

This is a story about nothing.


Collected Writings: Volume II

A Quartet of Seasons

A story of hope, even in the darkest of times.

Hope smiles, “I’ve always told you that I’m here for you, Albert.”


A Girl in Every Port

This is the first in a suite of six, short stories, collectively called, The Times Challenge.

Between January 13th and February 17th, 2019, Times Newspapers published six photographs from its archives in The Sunday Times editions.
Each photograph was accompanied by a short story written by Alexander McCall Smith. The Sunday Times then challenged its readers to submit stories with their own interpretation of the pictures.

Readers’ stories were limited to a maximum of 1,000 words each.

The first picture shows the back view of a young woman sitting at the foot of a sphinx. She appears to be writing. A river flows to the right-hand side of her.


Collected Writings: Volume III

The Suitcase, The Swan, and The Man

This is the third in a suite of three, short stories, collectively called, A Set of Luggage.

There was a writing competition, in the latter part of 2019 with the specific subject of ‘A Suitcase’. The other stipulation was that the story shouldn’t exceed 1,000 words.

I made three attempts to write a story within the parameters laid out, but each time exceeded the word count. I never did enter the competition, but I was left with ‘A set of luggage’.