All Therein Entailed

All Therein Entailed

All Therein Entailed’ began life as a short story, ‘Tea at Raffles’, published in Collected Writings - Vol I, 2018.

Kenver McDonald is desperate for an idea for his second novel. On a whim, he flies to Singapore and Raffles Hotel once home to the writers Miller, Maugham and Kipling. Over tea, they suggest that the girl in the blue hat, whom Kenver has seen in the hotel swimming pool, might prove an inspiration for his second novel. At that point, the girl had no name.

About the Book

That was where I left the story but when I was questioned, ‘what was the story of the girl in the blue hat?’ I had to confess, I didn’t know. I set out to discover it for myself and ‘All Therein Entailed’ is the result although it has progressed somewhat beyond its original brief.

Like ‘Tea at Raffles’, ‘All Therein Entailed’ was also intended to be written as a short story, called ‘The Girl in the Blue Hat’. From there it grew into a long story, then a novella and finally, has ended up as a short novel.  It turns out that the girl in the blue hat is called, Angelique Dubois, by the way.

Together, with the aid of Angelique the dead trio endeavour to help Kenver move on with both his life and his career but rarely is anything ever what it seems.

A publication date has yet to be set.

Format: Ebook & Paperback