General History

I was born in the small, Midlands town of Tamworth, Staffordshire but left there, never to return, following graduation with a degree in Economics, from the University of East Anglia.

I’ve had a long and varied career, working initially as Statistician to The Economist Newspaper in London and ending with being a Mortgage Broker in Exeter.

In between, I’ve sold mobile phones (briefly) worked as a Business Advisor in Devon and Cornwall and, for many years, ran my own business in Cornwall, notably, Polperro where, together with my wife and family, as well as a selection of cats, I lived for over forty years. It was that Cornish experience that inspired my first novel, Midsummer Dreams, a lyrical work in the literary fiction genre, published in 2020.

I abandoned the concept of having a ‘day job’ a couple of years ago to concentrate on writing full time.

Writing History

I began writing a little over four years ago, whilst still working, starting with the novel, Midsummer Dreams. After eight months I put the first draft on hold whilst I wrote and published Vols I & II of my Collected Writings, mainly short stories. They did include one or two monologues but, at that time, I really viewed them as extensions to the short stories rather than as being pieces for production.

It was only after publishing Vol II that I returned to finalise, and publish, the novel.

I have subsequently published Vol III of Collected Writings and now have a second novel, Bewitched, Bothered, Bewildered, another in the literary fiction genre, in final manuscript form as well as a quasi-novel, Our Rose, My Reg, & Me.

This latter work is a collection of ten, half-hour monologues told across the space of twelve months. If read in order they form something of a novel. They, can, of course, be read and performed individually as well, and in any order.

I moved into scriptwriting shortly before Christmas and have completed three pieces for two or more players. I’m currently working on a fourth as well as a novella, again set in Cornwall, this time in a graveyard!

A collection of fifteen-minute monologues under the umbrella title of, As Reported, is another work-in-progress. Once again, the idea is that they can be read/ performed either individually or, as a collection.